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Kitchen faucets are among the most hardworking appliances in a home. They are used to wash fresh fruits, to keep dishes from getting into the dishwasher with lots of grime, and on lots of other kitchen chores. In some cases, its central location could make it become your primary hand washing spot.

New kitchen faucets work exceptionally well. Nevertheless, like most appliances, it gets to a point when the faucet acts up. This means that you have to live with things such as dishes getting dirty and hands pilling up. Ideally, when your faucet is not living to its expectation, for whichever reason, you should replace it ASAP. Here are some sights that could be indicative of the fact that your faucet needs to be faucet valve

It Has Visible Mineral Deposits

Over the life of the faucet, mineral deposits build up inside some parts of the drain, thus compromising its performance. Mineral deposits are unavoidable, especially if the water flowing through your plumbing systems is salty. Mineral deposits affect the appearance and working of the faucet. This problem can be addressed by having a softener installed. But if the minerals are significantly visible, it’s high time you had it replaced.

It’s Old

Another good reason to have your faucet replaced is when it’s past its age. Establishing whether a faucet is due for replacement can be tricky at times, considering that different models have different lifespans. It is a known fact that most models print numbers on the back or underside. But if you are unable to determine the lifespan of the faucet, it is advisable to replace any faucet that is over 15 years old.

It Looks Rusty

Another reason to replace your faucet is when it becomes rusty. Some of the common signs of a rusty faucet range from cracking when opening to when the water takes a couple of seconds before it starts flowing. Little can be done when the faucet begins to break down. Thus, if you observe some of the signs of rust, the best solution is to have it replaced.

It Has Excessive Leaks

Does your faucet still leak despite numerous efforts to have it fixed? Ideally, if you have issues with your faucet leaking after several attempts to fix it, it is a candidate for replacement. Replacing it on time goes a long way in saving you money that could have been spent on high water bills and mold remediation.water from a faucet

 If you are not so sure of the design to choose, you might consider consulting a professional plumber.

Author: Adonis Roth